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We responded to COVID  disruption through a Remote Home Learning Programme

Since April 2020 we have developed an extensive remote learning programme allowing us to complete key learning targets, despite school closures and restrictions in full class attendance.

• Parent teacher meetings were held to explain to the parents the lockdown was not a holiday for the children.

• A timetable was given for each child to follow daily at home to complete the work being sent home each week. 

• Students were given XO laptops to take home 

• USBs loaded with new lessons on videos

• Paper-based worksheets prepared by the teachers 

• All the work was collected for checking once a week for Primary School, and twice a week for the Secondary School.

• In November, we also tested all Secondary School classes to assess how much students had learnt through the remote learning programs.

With the help of our parents we have collected the pictures below to share with you. Students doing home schooling.