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The Annual Sports Day

October, 2021

The school was finally in full swing with face to face learning in the class room after a disruption of three school terms.  Here Nursery students are learning phonics with their teacher, and developing  sense of touch! Reception Class is making family trees under the theme “Me and Myself”

November, 2021

This was another busy month. Rahnuma is a STEAM School where Science, Art and Design are all important components of student learning.  

Students of Class 8 are measuring gravity;  Class 9 are exploring practically how light refracts from one medium to another medium above; Class 7 have been on a camping trip to learn about modern day hunters and gatherers


December 2021

Karachi hosted the Children’s Learning Festival in December 2021, after a long pause of two years. About 100 children from Rahnuma from different classes attended the Festival with their teachers nd participated in Science, Literature, Dramatic Arts and Design activities. The pictures that follow show our children at this well organised learning event.  

Lady Bird Johnson “Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.”