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Our Sponsors

Private Individuals

Members of Path Education Society, their friends and family, have been the greatest supporters of this project for the last 20 years. Their faith and belief in the core team, their financial contributions, their moral support and constant encouragement has enabled us to do what we are doing. Even today they are the core contributors to our annual budget.

Rotary Club Metropolitan Karachi

Rotary Club of Metropolitan Karachi has been supporting us since 2016 by funding us to buy computers each year since 2016, to replace the old and dying machines we first imported in 2011. They have also built a fibre glass covered roof terrace for us, the only open space where our children can assemble for group events and festivals.

INFAQ Foundation

They have been supporting is with Financial Grants for the last two years. They have also provided us with English Proficiency Teacher's Training.

Currently they are also implementing the use of XO 4 laptops from Australia in their own schools. we are helping them with training for their staff on the use of these laptops. We are also collaborating on new programs to build cognitive and literacy skills through the use of Music  Education

Packages Foundation

Packages Foundation have been supporting us financially for three years. Last year we helped one of their charity schools in Punjab to obtain 100 donated laptops from Australia.

Faysal Foundation

This is the CSR arm of Faysal Bank. They have been supporting us for more than four years with a financial grant. This support has meant a great deal for Rahnuma, specially at a time it was struggling to keep the program running.

ICI Pakistan Ltd

In 2021 ICI Foundation agreed to sponsor 50 students from our Secondary School. We are delighted by this support. They will be monitoring the performance of these 50 students over this and next academic year. The school team will be sharing their performance for this purpose

Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.

Habib Metro has become our latest corporate sponsor. They have agreed to sponsor 25 students for one year. We hope to be able to satisfy them that their financial support is making a real difference in the education of our students

Hassan Trust

Since early 2016, Hassan Trust Langar Khana has been delivering free whole sum vegetarian meals to our students five days a week. This has meant a great deal for these students who can look forward to at least one hygienically prepared hot meat a day.  

HBL Foundation

This CSR arm of HBL gave us a substantial grant three years ago, and we are hoping that they will make this a repeat program. Our request is still pending with them.

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