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We hold educational events throughout the year

Find below photos from our Science, Art and IT Fairs held annually; our Sports Day; Milad; Debate and Baith Baazay Competitions; National day celebrations and more....

Our Library has been given a makeover by Abeer Garib, a volunteer

A special reading corner that invites students to spend time in the library

Individually we are one colour together we are a RAINBOW ! 

Class 7 exploring how food preservation works

Reception Class Learning about how UNIQUE they are themselves

Class 2 is learning about Plants and Insects. Their model of the life cycle of a butterfly

Class 4 children making an electric whisk as part of their unit on mixing liquids and gases

Class 3 learning about capillary action in plants of sucking up water

Class 3 classifying leaves by shape using their laptops for research