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Do you want to learn more about us? Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

The school is located in Azam Basti (behind DHA Phase 1)

How many students does the school have and till what grade does the school offer them education?

The school currently has 480 plus boys and girls from underprivileged background who are attending classes. Classes go up from Nursery to Matric.

 Who runs the school? 

Rahnuma Public School is operated by Path Education Society, registered under the Societies Act 1860 and approved by Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy. We are also registered with the Ministry of Education Sindh and the Agha Khan Board of Examination.

 What are the overhead costs of the school?

Overhead costs are zero as all sponsors volunteer and devote their time absolutely free. All donations go to actual operation of the school.

What do I get for my donation and what evidence do I have that I have donated? 

You will be issued a donation receipt by the PATH Education Society. Donations to the school are approved by the Federal Board of Revenue   as fully tax deductible.

How can I donate? 

You can donate by the following methods:

  • Get in touch through the CONTACT US email form
  • Mail us a cheque made out to Rahnuma Public School (Path Education Society) 
  • Remit funds to the school directly funds transfer details:
    Account Title:

Rahnuma Public School (Path Education Society)

Account Number: 0150100018247

Askari Bank Limited (Clifton Branch, Karachi)

IBAN - PK38ASCM0000150100018247  Account

with Askari Bank  Clifton, Karachi Pakistan

 What other ways can I help?

You can donate books, school supplies or other items used by the school.

 How can I visit the school?

Drop us an email at hr.rahnuma@gmail.com with your contact details and we will get in touch to coordinate your visit.

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