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Sponsor a child:                          The annual cost of teaching one child is Rs. 30,000 ($190)

Sponsor a teacher:                      The average annual cost of a teacher is Rs. 230,000 ($1500)

Sponsor a class (25 students) :  The annual cost of Rs. 750,000 ($ 4,780)

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Victor Hugo

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  • Mail us a cheque made out to Rahnuma Public School (Path Education Society) 

  • Remit funds to the school directly funds transfer details below

Account Title: Rahnuma Public School (Path Education Society)

Account Number: 0150100018247

Bank: Askari Bank Limited (Clifton Branch, Karachi)

IBAN - PK38ASCM0000150100018247  Account

with Askari Bank  Clifton, Karachi Pakistan

Note: Do let us know when you donate so we may send you a receipt and also meet our audit requirements to know who is funding us