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In the Financial Year 2013-2014 we raised Donations  equal to Rs.4,075,941, a nominal fee from students of Rs. 220,140, and students share of Uniform and Stationary cost of Rs. 142,595. This gave us a Total Funds of Rs. 4,438,676 to spend on the education of nearly 300 children in this year.


We are happy to report that nearly all of this money went towards the direct educational expense of RS. 4,331,436. These  are made up of teachers and staff salaries, school building rent, food program, stationary and books purchased for the students, uniform subsidy provided to all children, and other day to day running expenses and utilities.

Administrative expense of Rs. 234,095 were mainly funds spent on getting certification from the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy, previous year’s audit expenses, and other registration expenses.

We are also delighted to inform our patrons that this year’s audit was done on a Pro Bono basis by Usmani and Company Chartered Accountants.

The annual audited accounts are provided above for anyone who wishes to see these in more detail.


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See the extracts about OLPC from the movie WEB Wed, 01 Oct 2014 16:51:09 +0000 See this aticle The Next Web, with extended scenes about OLPC laptops not in the cinema release


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Hakuna Matata Trek to Kilimanjaro Summit Sun, 28 Sep 2014 09:07:57 +0000 You can see this 9 minute video that captures the highlights of the trip to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. See the school banner raised there



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Rahnuma makes it to the top of Africa Fri, 19 Sep 2014 21:44:49 +0000 SAM_1042 (6)

Aslam Aziz, Barry Ryan, Bushra Farooqui and Saba Raza, carried Rahnuma Banner to the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on 15th of September 2014, after a gruelling final climb.

Welldone guys for carrying our message and holding it high!

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OLPC Laptop deployment at Rahnuma- our first year’s progress! Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:51:39 +0000 On the first anniversary of the XO laptops being distributed to the 150 children aged 7 plus, we took stock of their impact. I was confronted with two problems when I arrived in Karachi earlier this month. First teachers and children complained that the battery charge runs out in 3 hours so teachers who have classes later in the day cannot use them, Secondly I was told that children are spending too much time on facebook! I was delighted with this outcome as it demonstrated how well the new technology had been embraced by the children. We had succeeded in bringing them into the 21st century if they had discovered facebook by themselves on the XO’s. With a changing number of students and damaged XO’s, some children are without a laptop. They are now feeling at a loss so their teachers borrow from other classes.

At first the concept of a laptop in the class room at all times was very daunting for traditional teachers who found it an alien tool. So we worked with our teachers to develop a plan on how they can use the XO to enhance the learning of his/her subject .

We decided to modify the first years curriculum so the laptops got a chance to become part of the learning experience. As the level of English at our school was very low, we decided to focus on English (so the internet and the activities on the XO become accessible to our children) and Math. We allowed 9 periods per week for English and Math each, eliminated Sindhi (a provincial language) from the curriculum and decided to teach Islamic Studies in English so this could be another class in which English language material could be searched from the web. Of these 9 lessons Children got 3 lessons each week to do only Math Sugar Activities and three lessons each week for English Sugar Activities like Letters, Typing Turtle, Across and Down, I Can Read, etc.  In addition we have IT three classes a week introducing our students to programming through the use of EToys and scratch. Three lessons of music using Tam Tam and three lessons of Art using Turtle Art, Paint etc.

The introduction of the laptops made us take a closer look at what we  are including in our curriculum and how we are teaching it. We did not like what we saw! So we made changes to textbooks and learning styles too. Math is taught using Khan Academy techniques, while for English we eliminated text books and focused on reading electronic  story books, colorful story tales that children picked themselves. For younger children we introduced story time during which teachers read to them. For Urdu too we have found many electronic books and activities that children can do by joining local book clubs, activities that teachers and students were totally unaware of before. For Social studies we decided to focus 6 months on developing a school magazine/ news paper that would investigate local social issues.

This month we have created a library on our server for holding material useful for the children such as Khan Academy Videos, Ebooks, downloaded exercises and activities from various sites to promote learning through activities. The children can access this library via a WAN through their browser. This has also helped us overcome the unreliable internet access we have through the local telephone company.

Result: laptops are used everyday in class. Grades 6 to 8 take these home every weekend and school days. We have so far only lost 1 laptop. English and Math proficiency has gone up, children love coming to school, attendance is very good and teachers are feeling very positive about what they are doing. We feel confident enough to now take the children in our care all the way to High School (Matriculation) from next year and we have applied for registration with the Aga Khan Examination Board as we feel they offer a better standard of education, more in line with our learning through exploration and discovery approach.

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We are now working on a news paper project using the XO Thu, 16 Feb 2012 17:42:16 +0000 It is now four months since we started using the OLPC XO’s. For the last two months the children of Class 5, 6 and 7  have started working on a project to produce a weekly news letter. The younger classes are doing the reporting while the older children are also editors. The project has generated a great deal of interest. So far our journalists are writing by researching topics of interest. The paper has not yet taken a form where it can be printed or published in electronic for but we are getting there! We have produced 3 draft versions so far.

It has brought out both the creative side of the students as they have the opportunity to write poems, decribe their interests, write about their favourite personalities and places.

Ebooks has also given us big boost in improving our language skills. By downloading free books with pictures and illustrations, our children for the first time have access to fun books to read. The whole class can now read one story together as all 25 students can download the book ontheir XO.

 In an effort to improve the writing and reading skills of all classes, we have suspended grammer and normal syllabus books for the next six months. Children only read from their ebooks and write about what they have read. They are also spoken to in English in the hope that this intensive immersion course will soon bring results.

Class 6 and above all have email accounts now and are emailing each other andsending  their projects by email to their teachers. They are now communicating in writing with others for the first time!

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Lesson plans for OLPC XO’s are now being implemented Fri, 23 Dec 2011 14:05:28 +0000 In the first month the teachers were using Paint, Write and Record activities to do small projects in their classes. In December we have started making proper lesson plans for each class using Sugar Activities that they would most benefit from. For Social Studies from Class 4 onward, we are introducing the Poll Buider to survey issues that the students are faced with in school and at home. The plan is to publish the results in a weekly news paper. The weekly newspaper will be edited by Class 7 and 8 and published using write and record activities. It will be in English and Urdu and will report on all school activities done on the XO as well as outside it. Children are now being encouraged to read a daily English and Urdu newspaper that the teachers will bring from their homes so they know how to create one.

In English all classes from Kindergarden to Class 7 have downloaded books from various free sources on to their laptops and are using ebooks activity to start reading them in class clollectively. Teachers are making book clubs that can discuss what they are reading and getting children to write all the difficult words down for holding spelling bees and word / meaning contests. The standard of English reading and writing in our school is not good enough for children to maximise their use of their XO laptops. Hence we are making a special push on English reading and vocabulary in the next six months through the use of ebooks. This makes the same book available to all students in the class to read at the same time without our having to go out and buy books for the whole class- an expensive exercise.

In Science we have downloaded the science experiments books in biology and microscience from the OLPC library to ebooks as an aid to their current science lessons. The science students have shared with me some impressive projects they have done on parts of a plant, animal cells, the human digestive system etc by researching the internet through browse activity.

For Kindergardenwe have downloaded the GCOMPRIS suite that helps reading and counting. The puzzle builder is another activity that the younger children are using to help build a better learning ability of how things come together. For math and science we have chosen four activities for each class that support their curriculum. Now our teachers are beggining to see that their is some method to this new maddness we have introduced. I will be going back in March to see how the new lesson plans are working out.

We are delighted to report that the children are now VERY comfortable with their laptops. They sit by their side all day for them to use as needed for each class. Class 6, 7 and 8 are taking their laptops and chargers home. So far we have not had an incident with them.

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The XO has now become a classroom tool for all teachers Wed, 30 Nov 2011 15:58:04 +0000 I am delighted to report the the XO laptops are now being used by nearly all our teachers in teaching of their regular classes. Children have also starteddoing activities such as music and artwhich were not possible for them before now. Screenshot_music

Children in Class 1 have progressed from TamTamMini to TamTamJam  and learning to make their own music using Drum kits, Strings, winds, concert, people and animals voice.

Tebla, violin and guitar are their favourite instruments.



There has been great progress in teaching maths too. Our teachersScreenshot_1_2 (4) have trained on the Khan Academy videos and have been using their new found techniques in the classroom.

From this week children in class 5, 6 and 7 are registering directly with Khan Academy online using their XO’s and willuse the on demand videos from Sal Khan to learn maths just like children in the Western World. If this works then we will have levelled the playing field for our students!

English projects are also being done on the write activity, see the write up below:


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More projects on the XO this week Mon, 21 Nov 2011 18:02:39 +0000 This week teachers have emailed me the projects their classes have been working on. Here are pictures of some :

When the Class One  teacher asked her students to use paint activity to create whaever they wanted to Little Ayesha Aslam produced the following heart warming image.Shows how she is write activityxo_1

Do notice the tiny I Love message on top left!

Children also used Write and Record activities to do word opposites exercise

In science our children are working on 3 projects to investigate the following topics 1) The Human Eye, 2) Cross Section of a Plant cell and 3) CrossSection of aplant cell. See their images below.


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Read about our progress with XO Laptops Wed, 16 Nov 2011 23:27:30 +0000 In November the children finally got to use their laptops on a daily basis. Our administrationvery cleverly solved the problem of laptop distrinbution and collection everyday. They have hired an ex student who is sitting privately for his high school diploma to do this job and this also gives him the chance to study in the school premises. All the teachers have started projects in their classes this week.  Teachers are reporting that children are responding very well to this new way of learning and have develped an interest in their classes.

Class 1 is doing a project on Nouns and Action Words with the Write  and the Record activities and have done this with great enthusiasm. They are using different colors, pictures and photos to write  and learn names of the days in the week, months in a year, names of diifferent shapes  and parts of body .

Clas 4 and 5 are also working on some interesting maths activities that their teachers have helped them download. 

Class 5 students love using Typing Turtle while working on new projects they want to improve their typing and familiarity with the keyboard.  They have used Paint Activity to drawn the map of Pakistan and the World map. See their maps belowScreenshot_1_2_3_4







Class 6 students have decided to make a project on Pakistani cricket team. They are loving working on projects that are of interest to them. 

Class 7 and 8 have learnt to download any topic in Infoslicer Activity and make notes on it. So they can now research any topic and make notes as well as use Paint Activity to make or design map on it and write names of continents. More next week…..

 There is now a request from the KG I and KG II teachers, who do not have dedicated XO laptops for their class for access to these. We are planning to let these children “borrow”laptops one day a week from Class 1 and 2 so they can also begin using this great new tool. More information next week.

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