Path Annual Report 2017

September 6th, 2017

Major Programme Achievements

We are pleased to inform the Management Committee of the progress being made at Rahnuma Public School, our sole project.

The school year ending June 2017 brought many new achievements. Of the six Science Students who sat for their final SSC examinations with AKUB four passed with very good results specially in Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies and English. Two very weak students who are sisters and come from a difficult background, need to re sit their Math and Physics exams in supplementary papers, but we are hopeful they will clear these.
We have examined the results this year and discovered that in Physics, our students obtained one A and 2 B’s, a high score. In Chemistry we got two B’s and we know the teacher has to do better. Our area of weakness are Mathematics and Biology in which we are looking to train our teachers and hire additional resources.
With the board approval we have expanded the Junior school by taking over the building and as many students as would transfer from APNA School from May 2017. Our admissions closed in June with over 400 students with room for about 50 more students in Senior school. Our plan is to grow this strength through organic growth as our Junior school students moving up in greater numbers into senior school.
We can report that the International Primary Curriculum (used by British Schools all over the world) that we introduced last year has proved hugely successful. Teachers have responded very well to this new method of teaching. We hope to see concrete results as these students move into highschool and demonstrate the skills they are learning to think and analyse information for themselves.
We will continue to monitor and guide the primary school teachers to learn and improve their teaching skills. The school has just concluded one month of training on teaching English and Phonics to primary school students. This was provided by Infaq Foundation Free of cost.

Teacher’s Recruitment

We have added 5 new classes from Nursery to Year 3, giving us two sections each for Nursery, Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3. Five new teachers have been hired for these classes and we are pleased with the new staff who were taken on from May so they could be trained. 5 additional Teacher’s assistants have also been hired to support these teachers.
We now have two Vice Principals, Ms. Saima Ahmed for Primary Section and Ms. Humaira Yasmeen for the Senior Section which will now be housed in the new building we have taken over from Sapna. With a school that had increased capacity by more than 30%, this administrative change is necessary. We also have Ms. Sadia Irshad looking after Early Years and Primary Science and Social Studies Curriculum.

Fund Raising

We have had another successful year of fund raising. We approached three corporate sponsors this year. Of these, this month Infaq Foundation have approved a donation of Rs. 1 million for Rahnuma after we applied for a grant and arranged for several sessions for their team to meet our teachers and staff.
The second organization was Rotary Club, who are still doing their review and we will know about this after they have completed their due diligence in August.

Our individual contributors have also been very generous and have sent us substantial amounts as zakat and other donations.

Upgrade of Facilities

Upgrade of facilities and class rooms continues. This year we have focused on furnishing the five new classes we are adding to the Primary School as well as furnishing the new building. We have budgeted for this additional one time expense.

Future Plans

We have successfully increased our student strength significantly this year. The plan is to now manage the growth of this expanded junior school in a way as to feed into the much smaller senior school without causing disruption for students and teachers. Our plan is to offer only the top studets in Year 6 places in our high school, allowing us to manage the standard of students we fund to SSC. We will ensure that all students who do not get a place in the senior school do get admission elsewhere.

Financial Highlights

We are happy to report that the financial year 2017 we were able to raise sufficient funds to meet the school’s growing needs.

We thank all the staff of Rahnuma and volunteer Board members of PATH who devote so much time to making our work at Rahnuma Public School so successful.

Kishwer Aziz
July 30th 2017