We are now working on a news paper project using the XO

February 16th, 2012

It is now four months since we started using the OLPC XO’s. For the last two months the children of Class 5, 6 and 7  have started working on a project to produce a weekly news letter. The younger classes are doing the reporting while the older children are also editors. The project has generated a great deal of interest. So far our journalists are writing by researching topics of interest. The paper has not yet taken a form where it can be printed or published in electronic for but we are getting there! We have produced 3 draft versions so far.

It has brought out both the creative side of the students as they have the opportunity to write poems, decribe their interests, write about their favourite personalities and places.

Ebooks has also given us big boost in improving our language skills. By downloading free books with pictures and illustrations, our children for the first time have access to fun books to read. The whole class can now read one story together as all 25 students can download the book ontheir XO.

 In an effort to improve the writing and reading skills of all classes, we have suspended grammer and normal syllabus books for the next six months. Children only read from their ebooks and write about what they have read. They are also spoken to in English in the hope that this intensive immersion course will soon bring results.

Class 6 and above all have email accounts now and are emailing each other andsending  their projects by email to their teachers. They are now communicating in writing with others for the first time!