Lesson plans for OLPC XO’s are now being implemented

December 23rd, 2011

In the first month the teachers were using Paint, Write and Record activities to do small projects in their classes. In December we have started making proper lesson plans for each class using Sugar Activities that they would most benefit from. For Social Studies from Class 4 onward, we are introducing the Poll Buider to survey issues that the students are faced with in school and at home. The plan is to publish the results in a weekly news paper. The weekly newspaper will be edited by Class 7 and 8 and published using write and record activities. It will be in English and Urdu and will report on all school activities done on the XO as well as outside it. Children are now being encouraged to read a daily English and Urdu newspaper that the teachers will bring from their homes so they know how to create one.

In English all classes from Kindergarden to Class 7 have downloaded books from various free sources on to their laptops and are using ebooks activity to start reading them in class clollectively. Teachers are making book clubs that can discuss what they are reading and getting children to write all the difficult words down for holding spelling bees and word / meaning contests. The standard of English reading and writing in our school is not good enough for children to maximise their use of their XO laptops. Hence we are making a special push on English reading and vocabulary in the next six months through the use of ebooks. This makes the same book available to all students in the class to read at the same time without our having to go out and buy books for the whole class- an expensive exercise.

In Science we have downloaded the science experiments books in biology and microscience from the OLPC library to ebooks as an aid to their current science lessons. The science students have shared with me some impressive projects they have done on parts of a plant, animal cells, the human digestive system etc by researching the internet through browse activity.

For Kindergardenwe have downloaded the GCOMPRIS suite that helps reading and counting. The puzzle builder is another activity that the younger children are using to help build a better learning ability of how things come together. For math and science we have chosen four activities for each class that support their curriculum. Now our teachers are beggining to see that their is some method to this new maddness we have introduced. I will be going back in March to see how the new lesson plans are working out.

We are delighted to report that the children are now VERY comfortable with their laptops. They sit by their side all day for them to use as needed for each class. Class 6, 7 and 8 are taking their laptops and chargers home. So far we have not had an incident with them.