Read about our progress with XO Laptops

November 16th, 2011

In November the children finally got to use their laptops on a daily basis. Our administrationvery cleverly solved the problem of laptop distrinbution and collection everyday. They have hired an ex student who is sitting privately for his high school diploma to do this job and this also gives him the chance to study in the school premises. All the teachers have started projects in their classes this week.  Teachers are reporting that children are responding very well to this new way of learning and have develped an interest in their classes.

Class 1 is doing a project on Nouns and Action Words with the Write  and the Record activities and have done this with great enthusiasm. They are using different colors, pictures and photos to write  and learn names of the days in the week, months in a year, names of diifferent shapes  and parts of body .

Clas 4 and 5 are also working on some interesting maths activities that their teachers have helped them download. 

Class 5 students love using Typing Turtle while working on new projects they want to improve their typing and familiarity with the keyboard.  They have used Paint Activity to drawn the map of Pakistan and the World map. See their maps belowScreenshot_1_2_3_4







Class 6 students have decided to make a project on Pakistani cricket team. They are loving working on projects that are of interest to them. 

Class 7 and 8 have learnt to download any topic in Infoslicer Activity and make notes on it. So they can now research any topic and make notes as well as use Paint Activity to make or design map on it and write names of continents. More next week…..

 There is now a request from the KG I and KG II teachers, who do not have dedicated XO laptops for their class for access to these. We are planning to let these children “borrow”laptops one day a week from Class 1 and 2 so they can also begin using this great new tool. More information next week.