Ist week with XO laptops at Rehnuma

November 1st, 2011

We had anticipate disruption to normal activities in the first week before they went back to a more stable routine. On day 3 the children were still as excited as day 1. We have given each XO a unique number both in physical and digital form as well given it the child owner’s name. We quickly realised that the logistics of 150 children marching to and fro the computer room to take and return their laptops was in itself causing quite a commotion.

We quickly decided that from next week the school gate keeper will deliver the laptops to each of the class rooms first thing in the morning and the class teachers will collect and return them for charging to the computer lap each end of school day.SNV35663 We are not letting the children take these home till we have more experience using these XO’s.

On day 3 the Aaj TV team cam to start making a documentary on our progress. We are hoping to catch the attention of other schools in Pakistan to demonstarte that technology can  enhance the standard of education for the poorest sector of our society. Here are some photographs from this day.SNV35667



We want to thank Mr. Rashid Mehmood (Executive Producer), Mr. Sultan Ahmed Butt (Director), Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan  (Asst. Director), Mr. Wahid Hussain  (Cameraman) for taking out time to do this.




We now need to start working with the OLPC community that have successfully integrated these laptops into their learning and education programs. We do not have the experience yet to use this as the dominant source of learning.

We also want to participate in collaborative projects with other schools around the world. Please do get in touch with us if you are interested too