October 25th, 2011

Today have taken our first step towards e-learning and using the power of technology to educate underprivileged children in Pakistan. The experience was both heartwarming and delightful. I am adding some pictures for you to see for yourself wht is happening here.050 

 The teachers had allocated the XO’s per class and child the day before enabling us to hand them out class by class. For the first time ever we had 99.9% attendance with only one child missing due to illness!

The excitement could be felt in every room. The school buzzed with subdued conversation as they sat jaws dropping in from of their personalized laptops. The class I walked into was class 4 trying to figure out how to play IMPLODE. They soon figured out how it worked and when they were successful they were rewarded by the laptop with a big smily face on the screen- this was followed by jubilant howls and an exchange of congratulatory huggs and cheers.080

Considering these children had never been exposed to technology before we were amazed that the activity they wanted to use most was browsing the internet. Most often the teachers were being asked for help with creating email accounts and downloading music. Our internet connection soon slowed down as 150 students try to connect at the same time



Looks like these children have not been left behind in the information age even in the backwaters of Karachi. They know about the internet!

Class 8 oursenior most class decided to download more activities themselves as they had been allocated older XO’s in which only a few activities were pre installed.