We are live with 150 laptops all working!

October 20th, 2011

I am delighted to report that all our technical problems have now been resolved! The new server is now up and running, the UPS and voltage stabalizers are ensuring that we have constant electricity and at a constant voltage. The PTCL internet brOctober 2011 033oadband connection works most of the time and the wifi is broadcasting this to all floors of the school. You take these things for granted in the West but it took the ingenuity and perseverience of Mujeeb Mirza, Zahid Butt, Amir Islah, Yunus and many others from the Aaj IT Team under the constant direction of   Mujeeb Turk and Khalid Shaikh! Welldone my friends we would not have got here without you.October 2011 037

All this week I have been spending my evenings learning the Sugar Activities and all afternoon the teachers have been staying late to use these themselves. We have been lerning from each other. Our Plan is to hand out the laptops to the students starting Monday October 24th 2011.