Work continues on installing the new XO’s

October 4th, 2011

laptops in their charging racksA  lot of preparation is required to have the 140 laptops up and running. First of all the racks for charging these laptops had to be built so not much heat is built up while the XO’s are being charged simulatneously. See photo attached.

The Electricity supply in the school is very erratic so we have invested in a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) that will run the server and the WIFI in the school during school hours so that the laptops can work at this time and talk to the server. When this was installed we found the voltage fluctuations to be so high that the UPS could not be switched on for fear of blowing up so today we are installing a voltage stabalizer!The UPS reuired to give uninterupted power during school hours

 Because there was no electricity during school hours in the last few weeks the internet set up by PTCL could not be fixed even though they sent the man to repair it. We are now hoping they will come back to fix it. We are also contacting KESC (the electricity company) to fix the voltage in our area.

I am writing this blog so that others can learn from our experience. The cost of implementation is mounting up as we realise that our current school server and Wifi cannot service 150 laptops simutaneously so we are now buying a more powerful server and WIFI! We are not daunted by this and will make it all happen. I am travelling to Pakistan next week to install the material we have selected on each laptop appropriate to age and level of the children. Wish me luck