140 XO Laptops arrive at the karachi school

September 27th, 2011

I am delighted to announce that the 140 new XO laptops that you have all helped us buy for our school have finally arrived at our premises. While they had been shipped to Pakistan in late August it took us a month of convincing the customs authorities that these were for educational purposes and should not be taxed.

Now that the machines are here there is a lot of excitement and activity.  In expectation of these laptops new docking stations have been built at the school where the laptops can be charged once a day. A UPS unit is being installed to ensure we have sufficient electricity at all times as this part of Karachi has only a few hours of electricity supplied during the school hours. The broadband WIFI is taking time but we hope to have that in place soon too. The computer room doors and windows have had to be fortified to help keep these units secure.

 On the Academic side we have started working with a group called the Academic Achievement Program (AAP) who’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of less privileged children through education. AAP are helping our teachers use and learn from the Khan Academy videos so that the level of maths learning for these children becomes of the same standard as children in private schools. They are also helping us with English by guiding our teachers on how to improve the learning experience for these children.  

 In addition to the Khan Academy videos we have pre-selected a host of sugar activities for our laptops per class and are in the process of loading them on to the laptops as they get configured for each class. The AAJ TV technical team are helping us do this. As Dr. Habib told us we cannot teach these children but give them the opportunity to explore and learn!