About Us

Path Educational Society was registered in 2004 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Path School (renamed Rahnuma Public School-the Urdu translation of PATH) was established around the same time and registered as a school with the Board of Education Sindh. It currently starts with nursery and goes up to Matriculation. We have recently rented a second building to set up a separate facility for the Secondary School at the same time doubling the capacity of our Primary section. We now have capacity for 450 students in all. 

Aim and Objective
Our objective is to provide the same quality of  education to deprived children that is available to the most privileged children in this City. We provide each child from Class 1 to 8 with an XO laptop from OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) since 2011. We have a school server that provides access to thousands of electronic books, wikipidia, maps, sugar activities, education material, English lessons from British Council, Math and other Subjects from Khan Academy, music, and much more donated an updated periodically by OLPC Volunteers.

We have well distributed WIFI network that provides live internet access to the students during school hours and access to the school server as well. A Generator and UPS is used to provide enough electricity during school hours to overcome power outage issues very common in our .

We are now affiliated with The Agha Khan Board of Education (AKUB), which offers a world standard syllabus of education and examination. We have chosen a project based assessment for our middle school by AKUB. this means our students do 6 to 8 week long projects designed by AKUB for Mathmatics, English, Science, Social Studies and Urdu based on which they are assessed by AKUB. 2013/14 was the first year for us and every child got through the assessment process successfully. A great achievement for our Teaching Team.

We teach music up to class 4 using the XO laptop and art up to class 6 as well as the regular curriculum.We also teach IT and programming through programs or apps called “Activities” designed for the XO laptop. Some of our students demonstrating a very high aptitude in these areas. We ave a facebook page where teachers and students post their work. https://www.facebook.com/kishwer.aziz?ref=tn_tnmn#!/groups/486631834761996/

School Fee and Other Expenses
To ensure commitment to school attendance, we ask parents to pay Rs 150 ($1.4) per month for each child. Where they cannot afford this we waive it. We also provide all the expensive books prescribed by AKUB ourselves and others at 50% cost where possible. The registration and examination fee for AKUB are also absorbed by the school as these are too high to be affordable by our target parents.
This year all the boys have been provided with free uniforms in Primary section thanks to donated uniforms from Pownal Hall School in Cheshire, England. For the rest of the children uniforms are provided at 50% of cost.

Basic Statistics
Today we are educating almost 400 plus children from ages 4 to 18 years. For the school year 2015/16 the basic  statistics for operating Rahnuma Public School are provided below. Click on the table to get an enlarged view:


What Can You Do?
We want to widen our sponsor base so that we can guarantee our commitment to this group of children without depending too heavily on a few sponsors.

You can sponsor a child for a year for $225 a year

You can pay for a teacher’s basic annual salary of Rs. 150,000 or $1,500 a year

You can help us buy a replacement XO laptop for $200

Whatever you choose to sponsor, your funds will be put to great use and we will share our annual budget and all expenses openly with you so you know exactly how your funds are being used.